One of our primary goals is that BLAST! become an educational tool to inspire young people and the general public to get excited about science.

We would like to see these trends reversed:

"The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has a glum statistic: in the most recent ranking of 15-year-olds’ skill in maths, America ranked 25th out of 30." - The Economist

A report issued by top business and higher education leaders says the U.S. lackluster performance in science and math has placed the country in grave danger of losing its competitive edge in the global marketplace." -The State of Science Education in the U.S.

"Science education in the United States is broken. So says Congressman Bart Gordon, chair of the House Committee on Science and Technology in a scathing criticism that he wrote for the Spring issue of Issues in Science and Technology. Gordon argues that China and India will crush the United States unless there are substantial improvements to American science education." -





BLAST! is a powerful teaching tool, revealing exciting, risky, and awe-inspiring aspects of science and astronomy that are common in the field, but hard to find in traditional science programming.

BLAST! presents a modern image of scientists as tenacious adventurers and world travelers, and provides an eye opening look at the hands-on work of science in action.

:: "BLAST! was about an interesting subject which immediately got me hooked. There wasn't a single point during the movie in which I wished I was doing something else, which is how I usually feel about science movies. Kids should really be able to watch this in schools, it's important." - Claudia Dimick, age 16

:: "A fantastic way to reach out to children and the general public about the valuable work being done in astrophysics and experimental cosmology." - David Gilson, Institute of Physics

:: "BLAST! should be in every high school library to show kids what science is and can be." - Pat Aufderheide, author, Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction

Independent non-fiction filmmaking can be powerful, transporting viewers to new worlds and new possibilities that can inspire transformation.

However, this enterprise often requires contributions to remain sustainable.


:: Host a screening of BLAST!
BLAST! is currently scheduling screenings all over the world in conjunction with the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. A screening of BLAST! is the perfect way to raise awareness and excitement for astronomy and scientiffic study in your community. Contact us today about hosting a screening at your local University, museum, planetarium or star party!

:: Make a financial contribution
BLAST! is seeking funding for outreach and distribution. Our outreach goals include:
- An interactive educational website
- Production of an educational DVD
- Translation services to screen
BLAST! around the world
- Development of a teacher's guide

Tax-deductable contributions can be made through our fiscal sponsor, the Independent Feature Project.

Learn more about the BLAST! outreach and engagement plan at the Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media Database

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